When I first started blogging with Tutorial Wow, I didn’t consider using an analytics program for it – it just never really crossed my mind. Then, one day, I ran across Google Analytics, and that all changed.  I used that every day, going there and seeing how I was doing on traffic and visitors, and it worked great.  But I thought I was missing something.  I thought there should be some feature so that you could see how many people were on your site right then, and I couldn’t find anything like that.  I was a little bit disappointed.

Then, after settling to be content with Google Analytics, I read an article on one of my RSS feeds that talked about a great new analytics program called Woopra that was still in Beta.  I thought it sounded interesting, so I headed over to the official Woopra website to take a look at the new rage.  What I found was truly amazing.  Not only was their website design awesome, but when I downloaded the actual Woopra Desktop Version, I just sat there with my mouth open.  Never before have I seen a program so extremely slick as this!

After I got past the first “wow” of the design aspect, I got another big “wow” out of the functionality of the program.  As I said before, I had always wanted to be able to see what visitors were on my website right at the moment I was on, but Google Analytics didn’t have anything like that.  However, when I downloaded Woopra, that was one of the first things I noticed.  Now, whenever I open up the Woopra Desktop Client, I go right to the “Live” tab, and see who’s on my website right at that moment.  Pretty cool, huh?

And that’s not all!  There are many, many other cool features of Woopra, some of which I’ve listed below:

  • Website Statistics (obviously) – Total Visitors, Average Time Spent per Page, Page Views/Visit, Visits Today, New Visitors Today, Total Page Views, etc.
  • Real-Time Analytics – You can see what people are doing right now.
  • Easy Installation with WordPress – Just install the plugin, and you’re good to go!
  • Real-Time Notifications – You can set up events that pop up when certain things happen – someone comes to your website, views a certain page, etc.
  • Live Visitor Chatting –  If you see someone on your website that you want to have a conversation with, just click the “Start a Conservation” button in Woopra, and you can have a live chat with them!
  • Visitor Tagging – If you know that one of your visitors is your friend, then you can “tag”, or “name” him something so that you will always know that it’s him.
  • Impressive Search – You can search every visitor that every came to your website, find out his browser, OS, country, and language.
  • Track Multiple Websites – You don’t have to just track one website, you can track all of your websites.

So that’s pretty much it.  If you haven’t tried out Woopra for yourself yet, then I really encourage you to head over to Their Website and take a look.  You won’t be disappointed!