Recently I installed the WordPress “Yet Another Photoblog” (YAPB) plugin to use on my up-and-coming photoblog. I had heard a lot about it all over the web, and I figured that if it was so popular, I might as well give it a try.

The Problem

Everything went well with YAPB until I decided to upload my first photo to my blog. I created a new post, added a title, image, and description, and pressed submit. Then I waited. And waited. And waited. After quite a while, the web page decided to load for me and it spewed a rather cryptic error that went along the lines of “Warning: unlink() [function.unlink]: No such file or directory”. Below that it simply said “Error: file does not exist!” My super-geeky brain didn’t seem to be working well that day, so I couldn’t seem to decipher the error until I turned to my extra-super-geeky friend Google and asked him what I should do.

A quick search showed that many other people seemed to be having the same problem, and when I searched a bit deeper, I managed to trace the solution.

The Solution

It’s quite simple, really:

  1. Login to your WordPress admin area.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Miscellaneous.
  3. In the Store uploads in this folder text box, enter “wp-content/uploads”.
  4. Click the Save Changes button.

That’s it! For some reason, when WordPress says that the default upload folder is wp-content/uploads, it’s really lying. Either that, or YAPB is holding a knife to its back and making it lie. Either way, the above steps should solve your problem once and for all. You can now upload photos to your photoblog happily ever after.

Let me know in the comments if this solution works for you!