Twitter, the amazingly popular “what are you doing” site, has quickly become one of the largest social networks on the internet.  Because of this, users have found lots of ways to make posting to it even easier than going to and typing in their 140 character status.  Now, not only can you text message Twitter to post your statuses, but you can install widgets on your blog, put the Twitter widget on Google Desktop, and even download Twitter applications for your iPhone/iPod Touch.

If you’re like me, and just recently got a Mac, you’re probably looking around to find a good Twitter app to use with your new operating system.  Below I’ve put together a list of some of the best Twitter apps that I’ve found on my Mac.  Most of them are free, so you don’t have to worry about your thin wallet disappearing altogether.


(image by the Iconfactory)

Twitterific is the most popular Twitter client for the Mac, having a great-looking interface and lots of nice features like multiple account support, auto-refreshing, and lots of keyboard shortcuts.  If you get the free version, you’ll notice that there are ads displayed periodically along with the tweets.  This can be removed if you pay $14.95, but otherwise the free version is fully functional.

Link to Twitterific


My personal favorite Twitter app, DestroyTwitter has all of the features you would want in a Twitter app – auto-refreshing, URL shortening, searching the Twitter database, and more.  It has a great dark interface, and multiple “tabs” where you can see your friends’ tweets, your replies, saved tweets, messages, sent message, and others.

Update: In the new beta version 1.5.1, you can now download free themes to customize DestroyTwitter even more.  Just go to their website and look for the ones that catch your eye.

Link to DestroyTwitter


The Lounge Twitter app, still in beta, has some interesting features besides the ones in the previously mentioned apps.  Some of these include pressing the spacebar to scroll up one tweet and looking at your following/followers lists.

Link to Lounge


For $15, you get this very sophisticated Twitter app from the Cosmic Machine.  Not only does it do everything you’d want, but it also supports Growl notifications and other services like Facebook, Flickr, Reddit, and even Google Reader.

Link to EventBox


TweetDeck, similar to DestroyTwitter, has multiple tabs for different tweet streams.  You can view your replies, messages, friends’ tweets, and more.  Though it is still in beta, it has a lot of potential.

Link to TweetDeck


Twirl not only does a lot of the features mentioned above, but also has support for,, Friendfeed, and Seesmic.  It has a very clean interface which can be customized with your own colors to fit your style.

Link to Twirl


(image by AlertThingy)

AlertThingy also has support for other services besides Twitter.  You can see updates from your Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, and more accounts all in one place.

Link to AlertThingy


As you can tell, there are many different Twitter apps that you can use on your Mac.  They all offer different advantages – some have support for multiple services, some let you shorten URLs, and some have multiple tabs for you to see different tweet streams.

If you find a different app that you like and want to share with everyone, let me know in the comments and I’ll post it here!