A whole lot of sites have been popping up in the past few months that all have the same topic – design inspiration.  It seems like many designers today are having problems getting inspired for their work, and don’t know what to do about it.

Design inspiration sites are sites that link to interesting and cool designs that can be used to “boost the creativity” of other designers.  Usually the links are to web or illustration designs, but sometimes a gallery links to creative logos or brands.

Below I’ve put together a list of 10 of these such sites that link to cool logos.  If you’re in the process of creating your own brand, then these sites can really help you out.

1. Logo Pond

2. Logo Galleria

3. Logo Faves

4. Logospire

5. Creattica

6. Logo Fury

7. Logo of the Day

8. LogoMoose

9. Design Dosage

10. LogoGala

11. Logotwo

12. Logolog

13. Logoed

And Finally…

Though it isn’t exactly logo inspiration, YourLogoMakeMeBarf.com is a great site to go to if you want to know how not to design your logo.  Warning: not for the queasy-stomached!