With over 150,000 apps in the iPhone app store, it can be hard to sort through and find the worthwhile ones. Admit it – there are lots (and I mean lots) of apps that shouldn’t have been allowed to slip through Apple’s approval process, and are only downloaded to be immediately deleted. I’ve had an iPhone for quite a while now, and have downloaded an immense amount of apps (32 gigabytes is really nice…). Currently, I have almost 100 apps sitting on my home screen – my choice picks from months of evaluating and sorting. Out of these hundred, I have selected what I consider the top 10 apps of all time and put them in order below. Enjoy!

1. Evernote – Free or $5/month

Whenever you get a new gadget, there is always the initial scramble to find the easiest and best way to do important tasks, whether it be viewing photos or checking email. One such task, note taking, is on the top of the list, and I personally think the best note taking app of all time is Evernote. It has both iPhone and desktop apps, and it syncs between both, so you can make notes on your desktop and view/edit them on your phone. The interface is easy, and you can make text, photo and audio notes to capture anything that comes your way. The free version of Evernote has a 40MB/month limit, which is plenty for me and my simple note taking, but if you need more space, you can pay $5/month and get 500MB.

2. Facebook – Free

Who doesn’t have Facebook? Almost everyone you know has it, and that’s what makes it so powerful. Their official app does an amazing job of simulating the full website, so you can do virtually everything on your iPhone that you can do on your desktop.

3. 2Do – $6.99 or Lite

In the current GTD craze, todo apps are becoming more and more popular. I’ve tried many iPhone apps, but the best I’ve found is one called 2Do. It has a beautiful interface, it’s simple to use, and it syncs with a server for extra backup security.  If you don’t want to pay $7 for it, they have a free version that is almost as good as the full one (it doesn’t have sync or themes).

4. Dictionary! – Free

I’m always scrambling around looking for a dictionary to look up unknown words, so I thought I would see if I could find something for the iPhone.  As the saying goes, “There’s an app for that!”  Enter Dictionary! – the fastest, light-weight English dictionary on the iPhone.  Why should you try it?  Well, it’s free.

5. myLite – Free

When I first downloaded myLite (the pocket flashlight), I thought that it was going to be some extremely pointless app with only a white screen.  However, as it turns out, myLite has a wide array of cool effects that you can use in many situations.  Just to give you a few, it has Strobe (basic strobe light), Color in Motion (changes colors when you wave the phone around), Police Car (flashes red and blue), SOS Flash (flashes dit-dit-dit-dah-dah-dah-dit-dit-dit), and, my favorite, Rock Concert (a cigarette lighter that you can flick on and off).

6. Pandora – Free

Everyone has their favorite on-demand-radio service, and mine happens to be Pandora. It is easy to set up, has great song suggestions, and even has an accompanying website for use on your desktop.  One thing I love about Pandora is that it has account support, which means that when you sign up, it tracks every song you like/dislike and customizes the radio accordingly.  So if I was listening to a song I really don’t like, I would just press the “dislike” button and it would never be played again on that station.

7. Momento – $2.99

Have you ever wanted to keep a diary or journal, but could never find the time to write it? I know exactly how you feel, so I went on a quest to find a good quality diary app on the iPhone. I ran into something even better than I had hoped – Momento, a $2.99 app that is worth every cent.

Basically, Momento lets you record little “moments” or “snapshots” of your life whenever you have a minute to spare. If you have a great experience, all you have to do is grab your iPhone and write a few words about it in this app.

Other features include importing twitter and facebook statuses to the “stream” in the app and adding tags, people, ratings, locations, and even photos to your moments.

8. WordPress – Free

For you die-hard WordPress bloggers out there (you know who you are), the WordPress app is a must-have. Inspiration attack on the go? Never fear – open up this app and create a new post draft for your next article.

The new version added many features, so that you can now add/edit posts and pages, sort through and reply to your comments, and even control multiple blogs from the same app.

9. Fring – Free

Not only can you post to your blog from your iPhone, but you can now chat with your friends in real-time. Fring, a slick app with push support, enables you to hook up with your contacts on Skype, Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo, AIM, and more. You can hold multiple conversations at the same time, and even better, you can exit the app and get notifications when someone is chatting with you.

10. Eliminate Pro – Free

What would an iPhone app list be without a game? I have downloaded and tried lots and lots of games on my phone, trying to find the one that both fits my style and has enough gameplay time. I have to admit, there are a lot of good games out there (maybe I will do an article rounding them up sometime), but none of them come close to the replayability (computers create so many instances for making up new words, don’t they?) of Eliminate Pro, the best First Person Shooter on the iPhone. You create a character, battle either robots or other humans around the world to earn “credits”, and then spend those credits on new weapons, armor, and upgrades. The more credits you earn, the higher the level of your character will become, giving the game an endless feel.


These 10 apps are essential for getting the most out of your iPhone. Not only do they increase productivity, but most of them are free, meaning you can delete them with no regrets if they don’t meet your expectations. So what are you waiting for? Go check them out!