Final Result

Before we dive into the tutorial, let’s take a look at what we’ll be creating. You can download the PSD for this tutorial if you get stuck on one of the steps

Step 1

As you can see, we’ll be creating a nice wooden sunset in Photoshop.  We’ll even throw in a few grunge textures to spice it up.  Let’s get started!

Open up Photoshop, and create a new document of the dimensions 1000×1500 pixels.  Fill the background with #d08e00, an orange-brown color that will be the basic color of the wood.

To give it a bit of texture, double-click on the “Background” layer and press enter to unlock it.  Double-click on it again to open up the Layer Styles dialog, and enter these settings:

Drop Shadow

Inner Shadow

Pattern Overlay

You may be wondering why we put a drop shadow on the background layer.  The reason is because we’ll be reusing the style we just created on different layers, and they will need it.  You should now have this:

Step 2

Now we’ll create the hills for the sunset.  Take the Pen Tool (P), and make a shape similar to this:

The new shape should already have the same style as the “Background” layer.  If it doesn’t have any styles, then right-click on the “Background” layer, select Copy Layer Style, right-click on the new shape layer, and select Paste Layer Style.  This will copy the first layer’s styles to the second layer.

Step 3

Set your foreground color to #906200, select the first shape layer, and press Alt + Backspace to fill it with the foreground color.

Now we’ll make the other hills.  Get the Pen Tool, make a shape like the one below, and fill it with #6f4c00.

Make a new shape like the one below, and fill it with #523800.

Finally, make a shape like the one below and fill it with #2f2000.

Step 4

What would a wooden sunset be without a wooden texture?  Head over to Bittbox and download their Free Hi Resolution Wood Textures Pack.  Unzip it, and place (File > Place…) texture number 7 (7.jpg) into the document.  Rotate the texture, and scale it up so it looks like the image below.  Then press enter to apply it to the document.

Set the wood layer’s blending mode to Overlay, and lower its opacity to 38%.  Your image should look similar to this:

Step 5

To make a more grungy feel, download this texture and this one from TextureKing.  Place them (File > Place) both into the document, rotate them, and scale them up like in the images below:

Set each of the new texture layers’ blending modes to Multiply, select them both, and go to Layer > Rasterize > Layers to rasterize them.  Get the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M), and in the toolbar change the Feather size to 250px.

Drag out a selection of the whole document, select each of the layers separately, and press backspace to clear the selection.  Set the first texture layer’s opacity to 71%, and the second layer’s to 31%.  You should now have this:

Step 6

All that’s left to do now is make the sun and its glow.  Make a new layer below all of the other shape layers but above the Background layer, get the Ellipse Tool (U), and drag out a circle about this size and location:

Fill the shape with #ffba00, and apply these styles to it:

Inner Shadow

Outer Glow

Inner Glow

You should now have this:

Step 7

Now all that’s left to do is add some glow effects to the hills where the sun in shining.  Make a new layer below the wood texture layer, take the Brush Tool (B), and put these settings into the Brushes Pallet (F5):

Brush Presets

Shape Dynamics

Press D and X to set the foreground color to white, click a few times around where the sun’s rays would hit the hills, and make something similar to this:

Set the layer’s blending mode to Overlay, duplicate it, and set the duplicated layer’s opacity to 23%.  This will make the hills glow seemingly from the sun’s rays.

And that’s all for the beautiful wooden sunset!


I hope you found this tutorial useful.  As I said before, you can download the PSD if you get stuck on any of the steps.