Happy New Year everyone!  I hope that all of you enjoy the new year and get many things done in it.  Oh, and don’t forget to continue reading the articles here at Tutorial Wow and creating new and cool graphics for your websites!

Tutorial Wow has a lot planned for this year, and I thought I would let all you loyal readers know what to look out for in the new year.

1. Total Redesign

As you probably know, the current design on this site is actually just a free template created by Lorelei over at toptut.com.  Although it is a nice theme, it is a bit…well…old looking.  So, over the past few months, I have been working on coming up with a new design that will replace the current one.  So far, I have finished creating the design in Photoshop, and just need to convert it to xhtml and css before I can apply it.  That should be happening in the next few months or so.

2. More High-Quality Tutorials

Obviously I am hoping to write more high-quality tutorials for you readers in the next year.  What is the purpose of a tutorial blog otherwise?  If you have any suggestions, or you want to know how to do something in Photoshop, html, css, or pretty much any other computer-related subject, drop me a note and let me know about it over at the contact page.  I’ll try my best to answer your question, and if I think the subject would be good for other readers to know about, I will post an article about it on the main blog.

3. Wallpaper Tutorials

Everyone loves to have cool wallpapers that they found on the internet on their desktop for their friends to see and admire – it’s just a fact of humanity.  But how much cooler would it be to be able to say “oh yeah – I made this one in Photoshop myself”?  That’s why I’ve decided to start writing tutorials on how to recreate effects from some of the popular wallpapers out there so that you can make them yourself.  Then you can use what you’ve learned and create your own wallpapers to show off to your friends.

4. Interaction with My Readers

Though I have posted a lot of reply comments on my articles already, I haven’t really interacted with my readers much this year.  So in this new year, I hope to be able to help out my readers at a more personal level so that they can get their questions answered more easily.

5. More Twitter Posts

So far, I haven’t really been using Twitter that much for Tutorial Wow.  I have posted some, but it was only in a relatively small time frame, and I never really got into it.  In this year, I am going to install the Twitter app for my iPod Touch, and get a desktop client for my mac for it.  That way I can’t get away from being reminded about Twitter, and that should boost my posts quite a bit.  You guys can help me out with this by following me on Twitter – followers always boost morale.

6. Icon Tutorials

I’ve always loved slick software icons, and now that I have a mac, I have been seeing more and more of them.  I am going to start writing tutorials on how to recreate some of my favorite icons in Photoshop/Illustrator in the coming year.  It should be interesting – and fun!

Well, that’s basically what I’m aiming for in this new year.  If you want to see something more done on the site, drop me a note and I’ll consider adding it to the list.

As I said before, now I’ll say it again – Happy New Year!