A lot is going on around here at TutorialWow (or TutWow as it is now called).  As you have probably already noticed, the site name, domain name, design, and even my own name has changed.  What is the meaning behind all these changes?  Read on to find out…

The Lonely Blog

There was once a lonely blog called TutorialWow that was in bad repair.  Its design was rusty, its code was out of shape, and its articles were getting old.  Every day, it got a sparse amount of pageviews, and even less visitors.  What it needed was something new and big to spruce it up, something clean and fresh that could give it that extra push into greatness.  It needed something like…like…

The Hero

…Ben Lind!  Sweeping out of the cyberskies, Ben rocketed down low over the blogosphere, looking for a lonely, distressed victim of the Evil Lord of Stagnantia to help out.  He came upon a blog so small that he could barely make it out next to the huge super-blog factories.  “Just the thing!”, he said to himself as he dove down to take a closer look.  He saw the rusty design, the out-of-shape code, and the old articles, and thought to himself, “This will be a perfect place for me to base my adventures from!  I think I’ll just take it over and give it a good cleanup.”  So he took over the blog (with the eager consent of the previous owner), polished up the design, and made some well-needed changes that had been overdue for a long time.

Lots of Change

Well, it obviously didn’t happen exactly that way, but that is pretty close to the right idea of what did happen to TutorialWow.  If you have been coming to the blog for a while, it probably hasn’t been the greatest experience.  The articles were good, but not really what you would call “high-quality”, and there wasn’t really that much new content.  I realized this, and decided to take action…

New Site Name

The first thing to be done to spice of the new blog was to change the name.  TutorialWow was a bit large and clunky to say and type, so I decided to change it to TutWow.  The word “Tut” has been going around a lot of sites recently – the TutsPlus sites, Web Design Tuts, and Fresh Tuts – so I thought I would join the group.

New Domain

Since I changed the name of the site from TutorialWow to TutWow, the logical thing to do next was to change the domain name also.  Surprisingly, tutwow.com was unregistered, so I grabbed it.  I used 1&1 hosting, as usual, and they did yet another great job at setting up my account.  WordPress installation was a breeze, as it always is, and I had a fully functional blog up and running in no time.  The only thing I needed now was a…

New Design

I had been working on a new design for TutorialWow a while ago, and had mostly converted it to WordPress (though there were a few kinks to iron out), but I never actually finalized it.  When I made the name change, I decided to finish the design, which went surprisingly faster than I thought, and put it up on the new site.

My Own Name Change

Many of you know me as Josh Drake – I’ve used that name for a long time now.  However, Josh Drake is only my alias – Ben Lind is my real name.  I’ve been using Josh Drake up til now just for privacy issues.  I’ve been using it for so long that I just never stopped even when there was no need for it.  So when I decided to make the changes to the site, I decided that it was a good time to “change my name” also.  It’s just so much easier to address myself by my real name than by any other.

So that’s what’s been happening around here recently.  I hope you like the new design (there’s a poll in the sidebar so that you can tell me what you think about it) and site name, because I worked a lot on them.  In the future, I plan on working even more on the blog to provide you all with a great resource to learn from.  Until then,

Design On!