Hey there, I’m Ben Lind, and I love creating websites! In fact, I love creating them so much, that I just can’t keep all my web design love to myself. So I made this blog as an outlet for all my creative juices, and you guys get to benefit from it. Pretty nice, huh?

On this site, I teach you how to use Photoshop, code with html and css, and many other things that have to do with web and graphic design. Every once in a while I’ll give away freebies that everyone can download and use in their own projects, so make sure you subscribe to the RSS feed by clicking the big “Subscribe to our RSS Feed” button in the sidebar on the right. That way, whenever I post something new, you will get notified about it, and can be one of the first ones to read my new content.

If you need a web designer to create a website for you, I’m available for freelance work, and can make a great website to fit your needs. Just head on over to my portfolio at benlind.com and contact me.

What are you waiting for? Go read some of my great articles!

~ Ben Lind